Magical Healings


Cannabis/CBD products:  Custom Artisan Blends, Sun-kissed, Organic Cannabis: Tinctures, Salves, and Oils, Special Blends (wholesale/retail)

Healing Services for both People and Pets with a trained & Certified Intuitive Healer

"I am so enjoying my sweet tincture, it tastes amazing and helps me sleep at night. I definitely recommend this to anyone having difficulty sleeping at night. I also trust I am receiving a safe, high quality product. I use the magical cannarub on my neck and it is amazing. it relieves my pain and relaxes my neck muscles. I also have nervous dogs and I have recently used Magical Elixirs for my pets when they go to the groomer. It has really helped them enjoy their grooming experience. My groomer who recommended CBD oil for them has noticed a huge difference in them. I am an extremely satisfied customer and highly recommend these products. "

Christine E.
Magical Sweet tincture and oil for pets

About Us



We are a small handcrafted, home business that started out in 2013 when our Beloved Dog "Sammy" was diagnosed with multiple cancers with no treatment options. He was given 6 weeks to live (if we were lucky). Having known of the incredible benefits Cannabis has on humans with cancer,  into the kitchen we went and started researching and blending from the best of our strains to come up with the healing products we have created. We were blessed with Sammy's love and zest for life for another 3.5 yrs post cancer diagnosis with no other medications or treatments other than our homemade cannabis elixirs. We expanded some of our products that have helped ourselves and many others to live a healthy and wellbalanced life without the use of pharmaceutical medications.  All Products are Human Top Grade, Organic, nonGMO, Pure and Natural with very limited ingredients. (We use No preservatives or additives of any kind and No second presses). All items are made in Small batches, brewed from FullMoon to FullMoon; with Pure, Positive, Healing Intentions poured into every ounce and infused with Reiki Energy.  We offer custom batches of everything we make.  We treat all customers (People and Pets alike) as if they were our own family.  We are confident you will feel the same way about our products as we do.